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Thursday, August 11, 2005
The Ol' Plumbing. Literally.
I'm sure everyone's getting pretty used to these extended periods of "quiet" here at Kamikaze Central. I'd really hoped for more activity this week but, as I told Michelle a little while ago, I haven't had much time for "the Internets" this week.

Y'see, Mia's daycare is closed this week. Actually, Mia's daycare isn't her daycare anymore, as she's starting preschool next Monday. So, I've only been at work as long as necessary (and usually with Mia). Otherwise, it's been a series of errands and appointments. (The appointments generally involved someone handling my balls and pressing fingers into my groin area and telling me to "turn [my] head and cough" or "bear down." And, yes, another finger in my ass, too.) So, yeah, not much time for you guys. Sorry?

For triumphs, I braved the area beneath our kitchen sink and did some (very) basic plumbing on the ol' PVC connections. I'm sure none of you wanna hear about the black, rotting funk I sprayed out of one of the baffle connectors, but you just did. The smell of rotting eggs was heavily featured. Anyway, early tests show no leaking, so maybe it was a success. I'm going to wash dishes in a few minutes, though, so we'll see how that goes. Oh, and then when we run the dishwasher this weekend. Just like your drinking days in college . . . we have a bucket handy.

In other fun news, our debit card was declined somewhere and an ATM withdrawal was rejected for "insufficient funds." We just got paid a week ago, and I haven't paid the big bills for this cycle yet. And the trusty register is showing decidedly sufficient funds for the ass-shitty debits we've been racking up. We're thinking greivous bank error or identity fraud. My login information for our Internet banking is at work, so I won't know anything until I call in the morning. Dammit.

And now I wonder which is worse: Finding out about $1,500 has been stolen from our account (somehow), or that I have to have another "prostate massage." I'll go with the money. For now.