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Friday, August 05, 2005
Loosening the Bible Belt
Apropos of everything, I was driving behind a pickup truck this morning that had “If you lick them, they will cum” and “Girls will do girls” bumper stickers; the driver (strangely, a man) made a left turn into a parking lot . . . for Carpetland.

Sorry I haven’t written more lately. It’s been a blah week, and I haven’t really felt up to the task. Hopefully, I’ll be more inspired this weekend, as we’re going to an art exhibit (of sorts) tonight, being put on by one of Michelle’s bandmates. The exhibit will feature another one of her bandmates (Ms. Jazz Hands), one of my bandmates, and an omnisexual/lesbionic photographer acquaintance of ours. It should be quite a ride.

We’re also going to a tiki party tomorrow afternoon / evening. I foresee a lot of Flickr material. Gonna start a “friends” set. I know you’re all excited.

Maybe I'll bring some 'tang.