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Tuesday, August 02, 2005
In the Stink
When I was at my physical last week, the doctor asked me how my mental state was. I told him I was mostly fine, except for being traumatized a few days earlier when he’d stuck his finger in my ass. He tried to make me feel better by telling me that he’d had a prostate exam after that, and his doctor has “the biggest fingers in town.”

So, as it turns out, I wasn’t lying to the doctor when he asked about my mental state. I just feel like I need some “quiet time.” The World is a loud, imposing place. I have so much going on; as I told Michelle, I’m either doing something, thinking about doing something, or feeling guilty for not doing something. It sucks that I get to relax more when I’m at work. Even sitting on the couch after Mia’s gone to bed and flipping through channels isn’t relaxing. (I look at the DVR menu and see that it’s 63% full, knowing that I need to watch something on there rather than another rerun of The Surreal Life.)

In other (less whiny) news, the show in Gainesville (Florida, ‘stella) went well. If by “well” I mean pretty much just like a show here in Tallahassee in that we had all of a dozen people watching us with 30 or 40 people outside drinking on “The Porch.” Still, it was fun.

And my “ball situation” is still in a grey zone. Things have been feeling normal down there, so I’m switching back to boxers to see if I can provoke a response. Y’know . . . from my balls.