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Monday, March 06, 2006
I’m Not Ashamed to Admit That We Watched the Entire Oscar Ceremony Last Night. Except for When I was Washing Dishes. But Still Listening.
I only had a passing interest in watching it, and that was mostly because Patricia’s husband-to-be was gonna be the host. I’d go with a live-blogging-esque blow by blow, but I was distracting myself by trying to get Michelle to play that decisive third Scrabble match. And we don’t have a laptop and/or a WiFi connection to the Internets . . . both of which we (I) hope to remedy soon.


As you might have read some place else, we were destined fated to go to the circus Saturday. Which we did. And, lemme, tell ya . . . it sucked. Even Mia was, all, “Is it done?” Yeah, some of it was mildly entertaining. But then we have the $9 snow cone in a plastic elephant cup. And the $6 “small” cotton candy. And the $16 star/wand thing Mia had to have. (It’s good thing Mia has her own money.)

Oh, and kudos to the cop who came into men’s room, while I was helping Mia wash her hands, just to tell me that I didn’t need to have a little girl in the men’s room. Thanks, Officer Douchebag! I wish I’d been quick enough to think to tell him that my wife had been tragically killed in an incident involving meddlesome Civic Center rent-a-cops, making me a single father, but I suspect that he probably had seen Mia with Michelle earlier. And he would’ve beat my ass a little bit.


I gotta tell ya, the new paper towels my office has switched to are really . . . stiff. Like thin, folded-up sheet rock.

How absorbent is gypsum, anyway?


Our access to the Internets from home has been fairly non-existent, so I haven’t had a chance to do a lot of things I’ve been meaning to do. Like purchasing Internet-related stuff and e-mailing people birthday wishes. Or posting a link to that spiffy writing contest that starts in two days.

How’s my entry coming, you ask? Er, don’t. But you should TOTALLY write something.