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Wednesday, March 01, 2006
All the Things You Need to Know*. In a Bulleted List.

-- There’s a crack slowly zig-zagging its way across my windshield. It started, a couple weeks ago, as a relatively small crack at the bottom, just under the wiper. At first, I thought there was some silvery wire caught under the wiper blade, but I felt and there was nothing. Anyway, it grew from 6 inches to 8, and then made a sharp left turn. It’s continuing to grow upward and onward to the passenger side. I worry that, eventually, the glass is just going to fall in half (while I’m driving), so I’ll soon be taking advantage of the Florida law requiring insurance companies to replace windshields at no cost to drivers.

-- The first site I visit every weekday morning is Questionable Content, which is an indie webcomic about a confused guy named Marten and his harem of hot, coffee-schlepping ladyfriends. Leo got me hooked on it a few hundred pages/issues ago. Anyway, after the longest buildup in the history of boy-meets-girl storytelling, Marten finally crossed over the beyond-platonic threshold with a chick. But it wasn’t Faye, the fucked-up object of his wandering affection, but rather Dora (the fucked-up bisexual, reformed goth chick). Which is who Marten should be with anyway.

-- I stuck to my promise to stop watching “Grey’s Anatomy,” I’ll have you know, The Internets. I saw it on my DVR menu Monday night. “Oh, ‘Grey’s Anatomy!’ Wait, I’m not watching that show anymore. Fuck that.” And I deleted it. Screw you, Meredith Grey. Eat shit, Mercy Grace Hospital.

-- I’m going to stop posting here. Sometime in the next couple weeks.

-- Because my comments are not working, you won’t be able to shower me with (unnecessary) concern. Sorry. I’d contact Leo about the comment issue, but I haven’t been in contact with him since . . . I dunno, when he sent me the link to QC. Anyway, it’s about to be a non-issue, right?

* There’s a little bit more to the story.