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Tuesday, February 21, 2006
What’s Happening in the World? Because if Current Events Don’t Involve a 42-Pound Rock Sliding Across the Ice, I Have No Idea.
I stopped by Michelle’s office yesterday before lunch to drop off the checkbook (for her dentist appointment).

Me: "Well, I’m off to watch some curling."
Her: "You really should take something for that."

I guess the good news is that we have a break (today) before the semifinals (tomorrow). And then there are the medal matches. This weekend, everything will return to "normal." Until the World Cup in June*.

It’s sad, though, because the U.S. women’s team has been eliminated from medal contention (they even had to concede their final qualifying match against Great Britain). Which brings up something I’ve been pondering: The U.S. team is mostly attractive and the British team is made up of Scottish woman (decidedly unattractive/not-hot). What if there was a Scottish curling team made up entirely of really hot women. Or a curling team of really hot women with Scottish accents. They’re hot, they have sexy Scottish accents, and they’re good at curling. I’m gonna go on record and say that such a team would be invincible!


This sentence replaces a three-paragraph section wherein I expressed and defended my decision to discontinue watching "Grey's Anatomy." And this sentence is to let you know that, while my one-sentence summary won’t make me more of a man, it will make me appear as less of a sausage-riding gaybo.


So, has Cheney shot anyone else lately? Are we still fighting the War on Terror? Have scientists finally discovered the Anti-Bush?

* Actually, honey, there's March Madness next month. And I'm running the bracket here at work because the guy who's done it in the past got fired last month. So it looks like the sports-related dementia will continue.