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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
". . . I’m Wait-ing for my Val-en-tiiiiiine."
So, the Fourth Annual Glory Hole Valentine’s Dinner went off pretty well. This year, we went to a French restaurant. The food was great. Secrets were revealed. Alcohol was consumed (snobbishly). Waiters were tormented (partially deserved). Furniture was knocked over. Imitations were performed. And generous gestures of goodwill abounded.

In other news, I’m gonna post a meme tomorrow. Actually initiating one myself. Because I never get invited to do one (well, except for that one from K a long time ago but, to be fair, it was fucking long). And after an exchange with pea, I realized that I do very little of note and should really provoke myself (and others) more. So stay tuned for that.