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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
What if You Threw a Party and No-One Came? Except Creed.
We played our debut gig as Thunderpony this past weekend. At what passes for a “professional” venue in Tallahassee. Meaning we were sharing the bill with three New Rock / Neü-Metal bands. Luckily we were first, which almost meant we didn’t get to eat dinner after "soundcheck." But because New Rock Band v.854.6 told all their friends that they were playing later when, in actuality, they were playing at 10, things got pushed back 30 minutes. Gyros for everyone!

The venue we played often does this ticket pre-sale thing. It’s really kind-of a scam. See, each band ponies up $150 for 150 tickets with face values of $6 each. Bands can sell these tickets for whatever they want (up to $6) and pocket the money; what they earn after the $150 investment is profit. So, the venue made $450 right off the top from the bands. And then they get all the bar revenues plus money from anyone who pays at the door.

The manager who booked us (correctly) figured we wouldn’t sell 150 tickets, so he offered us a choice: 50 tickets to sell or a $50 buyout. We gambled and took the tickets. There was a lot of unease, but we managed to sell / give away almost all of them . . . and made $75. Commerce for everyone!

What’s funny is that there were 500 tickets between the four bands. When we went on, there were between 30 and 40 people there. (I’m estimating, because I sure as fuck don’t care enough to count how many people are coming out.) We knew a lot of those people, who promptly left after we finished or shortly after the next band started. Which was about the time I left, so I can’t tell you how many more people showed up.

A few of us ventured over to the backside of the über-hip Waterworks, which is where you’d find the Spaceport. The Organ Lady was playing once more in town before venturing back to Germany. I bellied up to the bar. The doe-eyed bartender asked for my order. I felt like a kamikaze, so I ordered one. With Grey Goose. The bartender quietly said something about it being her first night. She was looking at a bar guide for the recipe to make a kamikaze. Uh-oh.

Luckily, the drink wasn’t that bad. But my next drink came in a bottle.