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Tuesday, January 03, 2006
I didn’t really come out with an “official” list of resolutions this year, although I sort of made the promise to myself that I’d spend less time on “shit that doesn’t matter.”* Despite this, I will continue updating my weblog.

Seriously (more seriously), I’ve been thinking a lot about why I spend so much time doing silly things, and so little time doing things that, y’know, mean something. I don’t think I waste a lot of time, but I feel like I do. Just sitting around sometimes. First, I think I need to outlaw the channel-surfing. Our DVR / digital cable combo is a huge time-sucker anyway, but I need to train myself to only sit in front of the T.V. when I’m watching something specific. Or really, truly have nothing better to do (which, really, is NEVER). The “Let’s see what’s on” strategy is killing me.

The big news of the New Year’s weekend was that Michelle and her sister conspired to join forces in getting our house clean. Really clean. Like the-garbage-bin-outside-is-overflowing-why-does-our-trash-pickup-have-to-fall-on-a-holiday clean. To coincide with this purging and sanitizing event, I was half-planning a get-together with friends for New Year’s Eve. And doing semi-helpful things outside the house. Like mowing grass that hasn’t grown any taller since October.

So, now cleaning chores will be added to the list of things I should be doing. All the time. In addition, I plan to spend more time on the poetry thing and perhaps start the “novel” that I’ve been thinking about. (I say “start,” but I’m half finished with it . . . in my head. I’m at the point now where I need to do a formal outline and then actual research . . . like, in a library. It’ll be like college, only without the dressing in all black, slamming vodka, and passing out in goth clubs.)

Welcome to 2006, losers!

* I’m in America, where soccer, pretty much, DOES NOT MATTER. But this morning, I went to the FIFA World Cup website and printed out the schedule for the first-round matches so I’d know what days and times the U.S.A. would be playing and could extrapolate what time the games would be on T.V. here in the States if they’re shown live (the World Cup is in Germany this year). So now I’ll be ready when things get started. In JUNE.