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Saturday, December 24, 2005
Merry Christmas!
A conversation Mia and I had in the car earlier today:

Daddy: "So you're gonna have a long day tomorrow."

Mia: "Why, Daddy?"

Daddy: "Well, it's Christmas, and you're gonna open presents at four places. First we're gonna open presents at our house, and then we're gonna go to Momma and Papa's house to open presents, and then we're going to Nana's house to open presents, and then down to Woodville to open presents with Nana and Papa."

Mia: "A birthday? With presents?"

Daddy: "No . . . well, yes. Christmas is Jesus's birthday. I want to go on the record by telling you that on Christmas Day, we are celebrating the birth of Baby Jesus."

I was thinking about all this last year, before John Gibson "uncovered" the "War on Christmas." Look, there are more holidays than Christmas, even if some of them are silly and/or made-up. (Actually, all of them are, but whatever.) The point is we celebrate Christmas in the Kamikaze house, even if Daddy is half-pagan and Mommy is a Southern Christian in hibernation. If I wished anyone well over the Holidays, though, I'd say "Happy Holidays" rather than "Merry Christmas." Because I like to be inclusive, not because I'm rejecting the Reason for the Season. Which we all know is the Winter Solstice.

Happy Holidays!