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Monday, December 12, 2005
How Roller Skating was Different “Back Then”
-- Back then, the adults who went roller skating (and didn’t have kids with them) were either sad and/or creepy. And very rarely did we see anyone at the rink with white, poofy afros.*

-- Back then, we had our own skates. Well, most of us did.

-- Back then, there were no roller blades.

-- Back then, we knew every song that was played over the P.A. (Oh, wait. We didn't know all the songs, but the kids there probably did. So maybe this is the same as "back then.")

-- Back then, we could couple-skate without killing ourselves. (And now, all the kids just skate side-by-side, holding hands. Often in same-sex pairs.)

-- Back then, we didn’t spike our drinks with vodka. Or rum.

-- Back then, we didn’t leave the rink to go for (more) drinks at a bar.

-- Shit, back then, we didn’t leave the rink until our mommies and daddies picked us up.

* That was me in the white afro. It was a 70s theme. There are likely pictures someplace, and you can probably find them easily enough. As fate would have it, Michelle and I forgot to bring the camera. Not that I would be in a big rush to post pictures of myself with a big, white afro. However, the birthday girl looked rather fetching in her long wig.