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Thursday, December 01, 2005
Five Things You Probably Don’t Need to Know*

-- I think “son of a WHORE” has officially replaced “Jesus fucking GOD” as my favorite reflexive/involuntary swear-exclamation. Maybe I’m not going to Hell after all. Or, at least, not as quickly.

-- The name of my band may have been changed last night . . . to Thunderpony!**

-- I just spent an inordinate amount of my lunch break looking for information on Misha Barton’s nipple exposure on The O.C. Not because I care about her or the show. Or that I needed to see it for myself. I’m just interested in the further eroding of decency standards on network television.

-- Saddam had nothing to do with attacking our country on 9/11. And invading Iraq to remove him from power was a really, really bad idea. In retrospect.

-- This weekend, while Thunderpony is rocking the Humane Society benefit here in Tallahassee, my wife and her girl-pals will be glam-waving the Gator-tards in Gainesville.

* I think I really want this to be a regular feature because, you know, lists are great.

** Our bass player (Maria) related the conversation with her new husband went something like this:
“Sit down, honey.”
“Oh, no. What happened?”
“The new name . . . just sit down.”
Dropping my head, “Thunderpony.”
“Thunder-fucking-pony?!? Are you kidding me?”
“That's awesome.”
“No it's not. It sounds like a cartoon character.”
“It's better than Tomorrow We Will Be Victorious.”
“Yeah, I'll give it that.”