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Thursday, December 08, 2005
Drip, Drip
I guess it’s the rainy season here. It’s been raining for almost 24 hours straight, and I think it’s forecast to linger into tomorrow. On one hand, it’s depressing. And annoying. And inconvenient. But, on the other . . . wait, how many hands do I have left? Oh, well. I like the rain, anyway.

Moving on, it’s Michelle’s birthday this weekend. In case you didn’t know. There’s gonna be a 70s-themed Rollerskating Party, a daytrip to Apalachicola for New Age goods shopping and seafood, and some mish-mash of a family gathering . . . the kind that used to include poker and alcohol but will likely feature silence and resentment . . . and presents. And probably alcohol, too.

Still moving on, I’m working in parallel and keeping my fingers crossed for Big Things ahead. This whole Non-Religion-Specific Christmas Holiday thing has got me beaten down, but we’re gonna psyche ourselves up for some glee and corporate greed and rampant consumerism, aren’t we?

Yes, we are.