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Thursday, November 03, 2005
Stats That Shape a Weekend

Money Lost Playing Poker: $25
Number of Beers Consumed Over the Past Week: four
Cupcakes Taken to Preschool for Carnival: 14
Cupcakes (Scott-Made) Consumed During Carnival: at most, two

I was thinking Sunday how I needed to do a stats-related post. And then Monday about the same thing. And then Tuesday about doing a Halloween recap. Wednesday, it turned into, “I just need to post something. Anything.” Then I was really busy. So now it’s today. And I’ve already forgotten most details of the weekend and Halloween.

I do remember Saturday, there was poker over at RLP’s. In his multitasking glory (hole), he set up the game to coincide with the Breeders’s Cup races, which he and other players were betting on. So every 45 minutes or so, we’d stop in the middle of a hand to watch the horses run around the track. And people were sitting out hands to place bets over the Internets. But the poker was great. I got some nifty hands, including an early full house on the flop and turning pocket aces into a “he-didn’t-see-that-coming” full house. However, I didn’t build well on these successes and squandered my money on some (very) bad play. As usual.

Oh, during the poker game I had a few beers. My first alcohol in three weeks (since during the dark days of my stomach problem). There are no incidents to report. If I’d had four or five beers (and a camera), maybe the story would be different.

We didn’t have a lot going on the rest of the weekend. We were house/pet-sitting for the in-laws, so we weren’t at home a lot. Which further delayed our adjusting to the new HVAC system. See, the old system’s thermostat was likely several degrees off from our current (digital) thermostat. We’ve had it set to 70 degrees, which feels like the mid-60s with the old thermostat. Michelle was complaining about being cold the other night. “But it’s at 70.5!” Still, it was cool. Now things are starting to warm up. On the old thermostat, it started getting warm and uncomfortable as the temperature got above 75 degrees, which is because it was really about 80. Christ. Anyway, now that we’ve had our very outside-the-code 1960s electrical system upgraded to this century, we can witness the firepower of our fully armed and operational HVAC. Y’know . . . now that it’s getting up into the 80s during the day and barely dropping below 60 at night. Goddamn Florida weather.

Yawn. So, Halloween was grand. Michelle, true to form, dressed up as the Bride of Frankenstein. (The dressing up part was true to form, because Halloween is her second favorite holiday of the year . . . okay, maybe her favorite, period.) Anyway, Mia was a geisha and her cousin/trick-or-treating partner was a witch. Before trick-or-treating we went to her school for the Halloween Carnival. There are some pictures here, including this one: