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Wednesday, November 30, 2005
Oh, Turkey and Stuffing Sandwich . . . I Miss You.
Thanksgiving without the leftovers vs. Thanksgiving without the hassle of, y’know, actually having to cook.

So, as alluded to earlier, we were in Atlanta for the long weekend. We made the executive decision to go out to eat rather than having three people who marginally know how to cook (and one toddler) scrambling to put together a meal that would be palatable (at best). And at worst . . . well, I’ve seen enough emergency rooms for the past year. Not in Atlanta, of course, but I can wait.

Besides the eating, we (Mia and I) drove up to Melman’s house to visit with him and his horses. Later, his wife stopped by and gave Mia a quick ride on one of the horses. He even took some pictures.

I went four days without taking any pictures. But I also went four days without giving a shit about stuff happening here in Tallahassee. Seems like a fair tradeoff to me.