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Thursday, October 27, 2005
You Would Think that Being Off Work All Day Would Mean Lots of Time with the Internets. And You Would Be Wrong.
I found out Tuesday that I'd be taking off the entire day two days later. To be at home while "the AC guy" installed our new all-electric system. Yeah, eat it, gas prices! Suck it, fuel-oil furnace!

The ACg said he'd be here between 8:15 and 8:30. I dutifully signed the proposal he'd left and then tried to help Michelle get Mia ready for "school." We were just getting out the door when the ACg and his assistant arrived with our new HVAC unit on a trailer.

It was quite a long day. For them. I got to do all sorts of . . . well, nothing productive. I did watch them some, offering inane chit-chat. I even offered a crucial helping hand once or twice. So what else did the day hold for Scott-san?

0. tried to watch a DVR'd installment of the World Series of Poker Main Event, only to see continuing coverage of the World Series (of baseball) finale (Hey, ESPN2 is for poker, assholes.)
1. watched an episode of "Invasion" I'd (successfully) DVR'd last week
2. worked extensively on my super-secret Christmas project
3. washed dishes
4. watched an episode of "Firefly" (the one where something in the engine blows up and we get flashbacks to how the whole crew came together)
5. rinsed out the recycled bottles and cans
6. watched an episode of "Firefly" (where the crew land on Ariel and Jayne tries to sell out Simon and River to the Alliance)
7. paid some bills

Michelle picked Mia up at school while I watched the ACg and his Cuban compatriot finish up and then clean up. And then I wrote a really big check. Later Michelle went to practice. I had some momentum left.

8. watched another episode of "Firefly" (Oooo, the infamous one where Wash and the Captain are tortured by that crazy old German fucker)
9. watched the installment of the World Series of Poker main event that I'd tried to watch earlier . . . DVR'd safely with baseball over and done for another five or six months

All in all, a pretty good day.

Wave bye-bye to the bane of our motherfucking existance, nasty-ass fuel-oil furnace. We never really liked you, furnace. When you stopped working properly, our dislike turned to Hate. With a capital "H."