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Friday, October 07, 2005
This is What My Life Boils Down to, Basically: A Snapshot
It’s been a while since I’ve done a list, so I thought I might as well “phone one in.” It’ll be just like my efforts over at Reverse Survivor.*

-- Speaking of, I’m still “on the island.” Which, if you don’t follow or get the concept of Reverse Survivor, is bad. ‘stella was voted off quickly during the first cut of three contestants. When I was in fourth place by 5 one-hundredth’s of a point.

-- The gastro/abnominal issue marches on. I started the Prilosec/Zantac two-step on Monday night and Tuesday morning. I called about the bloodwork yesterday, saying that I was told the test results should be back by Wednesday. “Who told you that? Us or the lab?” “Um, the lab.” “Oh, well, the doctor has to sign off on the test results, if we even have them. And it could be seven to ten days before we get them.” This morning, I had a mid-level (DEFCON 3?) episode that was alleviated with some generously donated Tums. I was feeling better by lunch, so I had a frozen Boston Market turkey and stuffing dinner and chased that with a Krispy Kreme donut and some Sprite. Fuck you, stomach! I might go buy some malt liquor to kick this “game” into overdrive!

-- Michelle’s band is playing in NYC next Wednesday. I already e-mailed Miss THB the details. If you’re interested, check their website.

-- Mia’s getting settled in to the preschool routine. But today is the last day for one of her “teachers,” who is taking her English degree to an editing job with the State. My mind races at the potential this blog would have if I worked for the State (again).

-- I have all the bids for our new HVAC system. We’re actually gonna deep-six our current fuel-oil furnace and start from scratch. We’ll be having a pow-wow over the weekend to run the numbers and do the pros/cons thing. I’m sure I’ll be posting more about this adventure in the weeks ahead.

-- My band is about to be on a little “break” during our bass player’s honeymoon (see posts below regarding nuptials). We’re in the midst of recording a full-length something, so we could work on that. But, as fate would have it, our recording engineer/producer is the one that our bass player married. So . . . yeah, we won’t be doing a lot to further that project. But we’ll be writing some new music, sure to be inspired by the bands we played with the other night: Mono and Bellini.

-- I’m not gay. Really. I’m not.

-- This weekend, we’ll probably be laying low. Which, if that were true, would mean catching up on all the shows flooding our DVR. But we’re taking Mia to a birthday party this Sunday where she will have her first experience riding a horse. Or pony. Something. Anyway, I’m sure it’ll be a much-photographed event.

-- How long can I go without coffee or alcohol? Coffee? Feh. That’s not really a big hit, although I’m about halfway done with my coffee-shop survey, and I’d miss my brevé mochas. But alcohol? Sheesh. It was really hard to play the show the other night without having a drink. Well, not play the show, per se. But hanging out at the venue for hours and hours without bellying up to the bar for free beer? That just seems wrong.

-- Fuck you, stomach!

* This is what makes my RS failure that much more painful: I've actually been trying. Except for the week of the "cut," which I went into with a solid lock on second place. My entry kind-of blew, and many contestants agreed, dishing out low votes and scathing commentary. I can only blame myself.