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Monday, October 17, 2005
Taking the Good with the Bad


-- The guy in the office who keeps asking if it’s “No-Tuck Day” just because I don’t have my shirt tucked in.

-- That the upstairs urinal at my office requires at least two flushes to reach “all clear.”

-- Tommy Maddox.

-- Telling my doctor and his nurse all about my adventures in gastronomy, including descriptions of pain and bloating brought on, seemingly, by food. Pain and bloating severe enough to make me induce vomiting. Which I hate, more than Paris Hilton. More than the City of Miami and all of its football teams. And then have the doctor come out of left field with the diagnosis of . . . a parasite. Whose name escapes me but, after reading about it, it seems way less plausible than all of your helpful diagnoses, People of the Internets. Anyway, I’m on antibiotics now. As opposed to the “the sauce.” Which I can’t touch for 10 days.

-- Bad officiating in the FSU / Virginia game. Like Virginia’s backwards pass early in the game that was blocked and on the ground . . . a live ball. And refs called it a “forward pass.” Even when the replay showed it was clearly not. The announcer was, like, “I don’t want to rock the boat or criticize the officiating, but there is no way that was a forward pass.”

-- USC. And Reggie "We Can Only Beat Ourselves" Bush pushing Leinart into the end zone. Granted, Notre Dame put them in the position to win. It was my first and only time rooting for the Irish.


-- I’ve finally seen Serenity. Even after seeing the “spoilers” over at Gen/Syn (yes, I was warned). Anyway, it was wonderful. Different than expected, but great nonetheless. Better than most of the Star Wars series. No, I’m not even fucking kidding.

-- Metric. I’m still warming up to the new CD, but they’re awesome. You should get to know them . . . if you don’t already.

-- Having a nice, relaxing weekend. We had almost no obligations for the entire weekend, and the weather was beautiful. Nice. Just what I needed, I think.