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Tuesday, October 04, 2005
I Don't Have the Stomach for This . . . Again
Looks like I'm going back on prescription antacids again.

Saturday night, during a friend's wedding (entirely another post), I had an "episode." Y'know . . . mild stomach pain to not-so-mild stomach pain to bloating to having trouble breathing to friend-running-to-bride's-parents'-house-to-look-for-antacids to having to leave early to numbness in limbs and bordering on panic attack. And then it started to fade. I nuked the last remnants of pain with a Zantac 150, and then went back to catch the reception. I had to take another Zantac at bed as I felt the pain coming back.

I was great all day Sunday and had almost completely forgotten about it. Until yesterday morning. I was awakened at 2:45 by some pretty hardcore stomach pain. Now, we're not talking reflux. This is lower-stomach, not esophageal. Anyway, I tried a little of everything and then started to panic. Thus started a five-hour battle that ended with me throwing up. I eventually made it to work and called my doctor. A nurse told me to get some Prilosec OTC (for mornings) and Zantac 150 (two hours before bed). And get some blood work done to rule out an ulcer. Funny that, later, Michelle e-mailed me a link to this site, which lists my symptoms. Under the heading "What are the Symptoms of an Ulcer?"

Great. Old, indeed.