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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Florida: The Sunshine State? If the Motherfucking Hurricanes Don’t Get You, Unseasonably Frigid Weather Will.
Granted, our fair state escaped the worst of this Hurricane Season (*knock on wood* . . . we still have over a month to go, right?). Now that Wilma has blown through and swamped all the kooky diehards down in Key West, those of us in the Panhandle are freezing our proverbial balls off.

I love Winter. Enough to capitalize it, apparently. But we’re still in the midst of our HVAC repair. By which, I mean that no work has been started or even formally scheduled, but we have picked our contractors and we’re getting everything ready.

In talking with the contractors (who I’ve oft referred to as “the AC guy” and “the electrician”), I wasn’t trying to rush anyone. Besides, we’d only had one cool spell that lasted a couple nights. Even at 49 degrees outside, the temperature in the house never dropped below 70. So, of course, the Weather Gods are now laughing their asses off about walloping us with sub-40 degree cold. Last night, the thermostat dropped from 71 to 64. I’ve borrowed a second space heater from the in-laws to combat the cold in Mia’s room. I’m hoping that the bright sunshine of today will warm the house, even if the ambient temperature hasn’t made it to 70.

I really need “the AC guy” to return my call now. I think we’re going to need to get him to our house. Yesterday.