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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Fashion Week
After reading about the recent "fashion week" that the shitheel, self-congratulatory, mutual-masturbatory clothiers sprayed all over the pages of In Style et al, I came up with the pointless insipid gaybo brilliant idea to catalogue my looks during the week (last week). Probably would have been a lot easier to do with Michelle here to take the pictures but, y'know, you go to war with the army you have.

To explain the innerworkings of my wardrobe would really amp up the freakishness of my reputation, and probably cause Michelle to Baker Act me. Let's just say that there IS a "system" in place to keep the clothes clean and to prevent me from wearing the same clothes every week.

Our office is very casual to business-casual. Seriously, on my most dressed-down day, I'm approximately 57% more over-dressed than the average guy. But, y'know, it's all geologists and engineers who do manly work. So, anyway, I don't believe in owning clothes and not wearing them someplace. Because, y'know, I might not always be working here.*

The theory is simple: Where most offices have "casual Friday," I make Friday the most casual day and work towards that. It's a process.

Things start off fairly stiff and loosen up from there. Click on the picture for a tour. Noted on the photos are details about what I'm wearing and (generally) where it came from. The Rivers plastic-surgery-nightmare twins would be so proud.

* Let's not get all frothy about me leaving my job, boss. I can't even get it together enough to update my resume.