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Monday, June 13, 2005
What's the opposite of "starfucker?" Because, whatever it is, that's what I am.

Okay, so if there are two sides (those who think celebrities can do no wrong and anyone who thinks differently is just trying to tear them down, and those who assume that the celebrities are guilty and are trying to "buy" their freedom), I'm more partial to the latter. But that doesn't mean I wanted Michael Jackson to be guilty, or that I wanted this to all be true. I just thought he was. Or think he is. Maybe not as surely as I felt that O.J. was guilty (of something far worse), but still. This goes beyond the creepiness factor. I really think he did those things. And now he's "free."

Apparently, the verdict was handed down as I was leaving work. I turned on the radio in the car and they were playing "Thriller." I knew that something had been decided.

And y'know what? I'd be willing to bet that Michael's back feels a lot better now.