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Tuesday, June 07, 2005
Stats that Shape a Things I Learned This Weekend (Victorious / Rock Edition!)

-- Like white pants after Labor Day, a woman should refrain from wearing tights under her clothes to an indie-rock show in a club that keeps its doors open in a city with a summertime relative humidity above 85%. And men should refrain from wearing tights, period.

-- Sometimes, it’s really hard to maintain a steely hatred for someone in another band under the unwritten rules of inter-band dealings.

-- Admittedly limited reporting reveals that Gulf Breeze is so boring that people visiting there have been inspired to (accidentally) hurl their bodies through sliding-glass doors.

-- “I’m not playing that whole set,” or “You’re the biggest pussy of all of us,” can sometimes mean, “I just want to be left alone.”

-- Sometimes the cards don’t go your way. “Sometimes” can also stretch for a whole two hours of poker. Eventually, all of the chips will be gone. Deal with it.