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Thursday, June 09, 2005
Eating In
I haven’t eaten at my desk more than five times in the past three or four months. Really, that is the fuel for this Little Blog That Could. I use that time for “writing” things to post, reading and commenting on many of your blogs, and playing games on Yahoo! Luxuries, I guess.

Every day brings another lunchtime adventure. Okay, so sometimes I eat in the conference room with coworkers. But usually it’s a trip to my mom’s to eat, watch the news, and pick up her mail. Or a trip to the center to see mom and bring her the things she asked me to find. Or to meet with a social worker. Or something else. Yesterday, it was trying to solve the mystery of why the SSA would be discontinuing my mom’s disability payments, and then trying to find my mom’s brown shoes. (I’ve looked all over her goddamn house and there are no shoes that even approach brown-ness. Or brown-ocity.) Today, it was a lunch meeting with my boss and boss’ boss.

It feels good to be catching up with you guys again. On the other hand, I started writing this post yesterday. All three paragraphs of it.