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Tuesday, May 03, 2005
Spirit-Breaking (with Urine)
We really had the best intentions. We went to Target Friday night and bought four packages of cloth potty-training pants for Mia (we now have a total of 12 pairs). Saturday morning, I put one of them on Mia before leaving for the park. While I was gone, she peed in them while sitting on Michelle’s lap . . . almost like peeing directly onto Michelle. Or so I was told. Michelle cleaned her up and tried another pair and, within ten minutes, she peed in those. So, it was back to disposable pull-ups.

We went to Target again Saturday morning to buy the “waterproof” trainers (vinyl outside and fitted leg holes . . . these sound dirty, don’t they?). I tried those with Mia in the afternoon while at my mom’s yesterday. She was playing on the couch while I was putting together my mother's piled-up newspapers for recycling. Then Mia announced, “I wan’ go potty.” I immediately thought, Wow, finally a step in the right direction.

Of course, she’d already peed. And the “waterproof” trainers had leaked. Onto the couch.

So, I think the score is something like Mia: 3, Parents: 0. (And Grandmother’s Couch: -1)

We’re gonna take a recess to reevaluate our strategy. And fortitude.