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Tuesday, May 24, 2005
The One in Which I Don't Scoff at Bipolar People Because the Resulting Karma Might Leave Me Jobless
Wow, we're up to about a week between posts now, huh? I'm having one of those blog-blocks where you think you're gonna post something brilliant and then you get distracted by . . . um, LIFE. Seriously, I was going to write about my sneaking out of work Monday to go see Revenge of the Sith and being terrified that someone would suddenly NEED me for something, or that Mia would get sick and no-one would be able to reach me with the cell phone off. Or how mom's week and a half in the behavioral health unit (read: psych ward) is coming to an end, and now it looks like we'll be placing her . . . somewhere, semi-permanently. I'm about to prepare to think about considering selling her van. And then her house. So, yeah, I was gonna blog all that shit, but then I went outside just 30 minutes ago to get the ladder so I could change our air filters when I heard a kitten-ish sound. I thought it might be Sabrina trying to sneak out into the carport but I went back to the screen door and she was clear across the living room. I wandered out of the carport and into the lowering dusk, there was a black kitten meowing his head off. I picked him up and held him for a second and then a SECOND kitten came out of the near-darkness. Fuck. So, I did what any good-natured friend-to-the-animals would do: I went inside, put some water and food in dishes, took the dishes out to the cats, talked to them for a few minutes, went back inside, turned on The Start loudly (to drown out the kitty-whining), and came back here to write this garbage.