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Friday, May 27, 2005
The City of Townsville . . . is Being Evacuated!
Amazingly, Mia didn't wake up early this morning, so I've sneaked into our office and started writing this entry. Right into the Blogger template. Because when you're taking the day off work, you can be a little avant garde.

I thought I should catch everyone up with all the season(al) cliffhangers here at 'kaze central.

-- Thanks for all the well-wishes about my mom. I really, really appreciate it. She's now out of the "psych ward" and in a nursing/care facility until she makes some improvements and/or her coverage runs out. Which will happen in about 18 days, counting today. We're thinking long-term, so difficult decisions will be made in the next week to 10 days. And more passive sentences will be written.

-- Mia's awake.

-- The country girl won on American Idol.

-- I still have CDs to send out. From January. I know.

-- The "others" kidnapped Walt and blew up the raft. And there's a big hole in the ground which apparently leads to the second season.

-- In the next week, my band is playing at the local college radio station, playing a show in town, and playing a show in Pensacola.

Well, we're off to St. Augustine Beach for a long weekend of family fun. Not so fast there. It seems that the sister-in-law's cat might need antibiotics so everything is up in the air. The pet-friendliness of the beach house might be tested. Hopefully.

Anyway, barring any further fraying of plans, there will be lots of drinking and poker and pictures. Yes, pictures. Besides Michelle's digital camera, we'll be taking our Lomo and the quad-cam I got for Michelle from Archie McPhee.