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Wednesday, April 27, 2005
I love the change of seasons, especially the phasing into and out of winter. Which makes it all the more painful to live in a place where this does not occur. Either there’s no winter to speak of, or the transition to summer is very abrupt (sometimes taking place in March . . . seriously). Or both.

But this year, 2005, is fucking with me. First of all, I’m hating winter. And the strangely prolonged (gentle) transition to summer (an actual spring, for fuck’s sake!) . . . I hate that, too.

You see, our house’s heating system is sick. I think the underground heating-oil tank is taking on water. After spending hundreds to fix the pump on our furnace, and a few more dollars to pay for unnecessary visits and water-exorcising, I refuse to throw more money at a hopeless situation. Either we have to replace our heating system this summer, or replace our heating-oil tank (with one that’s aboveground).

This has been made all the harder with the beautifully cool nights we’ve been having. It’s hard to enjoy a brisk spring evening when you’re trying to calculate how many degrees the temperature in your house will drop overnight as the temperature dips to around 40 degrees. Or avoiding the use of the air conditioner when the house starts to get overly warm and stuffy because you’re hoarding heat for the approaching cold front. Opening the curtains to let in every ray of sunlight and leaving the 450-degree stove open will only heat the house so much, people.

* not really a reference to my recent posting frequency