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Wednesday, April 13, 2005
”Sacred,” Simon? Really?
Yeah, I’m not a big American Idol supporter. I’m certainly not frantically dialing 866 numbers at 10 o’clock at night. Because Carrie doesn’t need my vote.

Anyway, last night was pretty disgusting. First of all, the fact that Federov is still on the show after last week’s bonanza of horror is real-world improbable. But then Bice dials up “Freebird” and phones that shit in. And didn’t get called for it. Not by “dude” man Randy. The vocal melody for the verse has, like, three notes. Adventurous choice? Same with Anwar and Scott’s choices. The only thing anyone remembers about “She’s Gone” is the fucking chorus (sorry, Hall & Oates). When you ask people to sing the verses, they sound lost. Point that shit out, Randy.

And Simon. What the fuck?

Bo Bice is gonna make a damn fine, second-rate Scott Stapp someday. Soon, hopefully. But, the way he’s being “pushed,” he could win. And then we can all Idolize mediocrity.