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Tuesday, April 12, 2005
Organization Killed Scott-san’s Blog
There have been lots of changes in ‘kazeland over the past week or so. More than I can write here. But, in the interest of my own manic state and America’s need to be fed information in bite-size bits, I’ve bulletized our recent life:
-- The house-cleaning reached a comfortable, maintainable level that we’re . . . comfortable with. I’ve expanded the aesthetic-improvement efforts to include the yard. We’ve even discussed inviting people to our house again. (The house was briefly in-law tested, so the scourge of cat pee has been satisfactorily alleviated . . . or just moved to a less-public part of the house.)

-- The cat, of course, is still peeing in inappropriate places. One of them is the back of my closet, where I’d thrown shoes I was no longer wearing but had held onto “just in case.” I’m brainstorming ways to harness Archie’s piss-pattern, perhaps outfitting the back of my closet as a “wink-wink, nudge-nudge” pee spot; plastic to protect the hardwood and newspaper . . . with some kind of carbon to absorb the odor so I don’t walk around smelling like a litterbox all fuckin’ day. As long as Archie still feels like a urinary outlaw peeing there, maybe he won't pee any place else.

-- I’ve started using my “planner” on a consistent basis, which means I’m getting a lot more done. And I’m rediscovering my love for list-making. But all of this productivity means that I’m not writing much here. I’m torn, really. (Uh-oh, this bullet is about to go in a completely different direction.) It just seems that everyone is in a lull right now and I feel that I might be, too, in spite of all the shit going on. My (creative) mind is going in 20 different directions; the band’s as enjoyable and productive as it’s ever been, I’ve given thought to Re-Animating my long-dormant poetry journal, and then there’s the daily obsession of the political ‘blog that has yet-to-be. And, most importantly, I’m (briefly) writing for Mr. Crunchy (again). Maybe I need a break. I didn’t want this to be all existential, but there it is. I wouldn't have much to say otherwise.

-- In TV Land, it’s nice that The West Wing is over. Now our DVR has more room for The Amazing Race, American Idol, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy (all three episodes waiting to be watched), Desperate Housewives, South Park, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

-- I’m very disenchanted with MTV’s PoweR Girls, which really deserves it’s own bullet (or series of bullets . . . or just bullets). Michelle was watching it when I got home one night, and my hatred of Lizzie Grubman was only stoked into a raging inferno. Why does she have to be successful? And ugly. Good Lord! While not quite as foul as Donatella Versace, she makes Paris Hilton look like Grace Kelly . . . on many, many levels.

-- We're very much enchanted with Deadwood, though. But I feel that there needs to be some more dyin'. No, the three whores weren't enough. That shady Mr. Wolcott is due. We know they're not gonna off Tolliver just yet, so we're probably headed for a full-on war between him and Al. And we know who wins when that happens, right? Yes . . . everyone.

-- I was gonna say I was done, but I have to add that I’m naming Duran Duran the Greatest Band of the 80s. Okay? We all knew that’s where things were headed.

Be back sooner than you hope want think.