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Thursday, April 28, 2005
I Want to be Anyone Else Today, So I’ll Make Like Everyone’s Favorite List-Poster
1) My trips to the ER with my mom are becoming ridiculously routine. I took my mother to an appointment with her doctor yesterday afternoon, and one false vomiting episode and one unwitting claim that she was “going to die” later, and we were back in the ER. The city'sother ER because my mom didn't want to admitted to the familiar hospital as she didn’t enjoy her stay last time. But as it turned out, she was discharged after a few hours because there was nothing really wrong with her that she wasn’t already being treated for. They gave her a shot for the nausea and a scrip for anti-nausea meds.

2) I watched American Idol with Michelle Tuesday night, so I can say with all certainty that I can understand why Constantine needed to go. Nickelback? Dude, leave that shit to rock-hacks-in-the-making like Bo Bice. After Constantine was finished (and Bice had actually turned in an average performance), I knew he was gone. Because, y’know, the city of Cleveland isn’t gonna give up on the talentless fat guy. (I’m sorry, Mr. Savol. But if you win, this show will be the punch line to the joke of reality TV. [Fuck. I should call and vote for him next week.])

?) We’ve been potty training Mia for, oh, about eight months now. Really, we’re taking the ultra-passive, let-her-find-her-own-way approach. Which isn’t working. She knows all about peeing on the big-people's toilet, but now it’s a control issue. She’s choosing to pee in her diapers/pull-ups. So . . . this weekend, we’re drawing the proverbial line in the proverbial sand. We’re going to Target tomorrow and buying several pairs of training pants. We’re gonna show her who’s boss frustrated repeatedly rinsing the pee and poop out of those training pants!

µg/l) Besides the struggle with the daughter’s elimination practices, I’m hoping to get out to see The Mountain Goats Saturday night. Mr. Darnielle is making another swing through town, and our friends’ band is opening the show. It’s nice to get out and enjoy a show and NOT have to worry about playing, too. Even if the cover is $8 and ciders are full price.