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Friday, April 15, 2005
Comrades of the Chorus Line
So, Miss Jazz Hands is having a birthday this weekend, and that’s got our schedule all a-jangle. (<----- I totally don’t know where that came from.) Tonight, we’re going to some sort of Italian bistro/café that I didn’t know existed (which is hard in Tallahassee), and tomorrow is The Party. The Communist Party. And because Miss JH is quite the planner/organizer/decorator, her “Communist Party” should be all the rage. Lord DeLay knows I have enough drab clothing to look like a Communist. I even have a hammer-and-sickle pin somewhere. And a red star. Man, I’m such a Leftist. Look out, Capitalists! Watch your backs, Democracy-ers!

In other news, I have CDs of mine and Michelle’s that are overdue from, like, two months ago. Oh, and I hear there's gonna be a D.R.A.F.T.