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Wednesday, April 06, 2005
Civil Disobedience
Besides being somewhat petty, gossipy, and . . . petty, my working environment is fairly politically charged. A group of us often get together to eat in the conference room and air our differences (with other people . . . not usually one another). A lot of the time, we’ll discuss important issues of the day, like some silly thing the president said or did, what a douchebag Tom Delay is, how we’re going to Hell for reading a ‘blog “written” by Terri Schiavo, and whether a certain future First Lady was drunk when she killed her boyfriend all those years ago.

Today, one of our cohorts brought in a glossy of the First Couple, with a “personal” note underneath the picture, thanking the recipient for his support. The letter was addressed to a bastardization of our company’s name. The glossy had been casually displayed in our office’s reception area. We’re pretty sure who was responsible for the “support” and for displaying the picture/letter.

Somehow, the president was cut out of the picture and placed in a urinal downstairs. And we’re pretty certain this war is not over. In fact, it's just starting.