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Thursday, March 31, 2005
We’re Done for Now. More 80s Madness Next Week
I stopped the voting at 5 p.m. my time, in case I don’t get to post this before I leave (DAMN YOU, BLOGGER!). Anyway, it looks like the Go-Go’s squeaked by Berlin, but Cyndi Lauper and Blondie ended in a tie by my (somewhat unreliable) count. So, I’m casting my tie-breaking vote for . . . Ms. Lauper.

In other news, this blog isn’t so funny anymore, is it? Could we trump that with a Death Pool? Perhaps a question of who will live longer: the Pope or Michael Shiavo*? I’m already going to Hell; y’might as well gimme a hand basket to ride in.

* I’m in no way condoning the murder of Mr. Shiavo. I just wouldn’t feel too safe if I were him. Wal-Marts in Orlando are gonna start selling gun-range targets with his face printed on them.