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Tuesday, March 15, 2005
March Madness
You can rest assured that the day you consider blogging about your teeth hurting due to a suspected sinus inflammation is the day you end up in the ER with your mother all afternoon. And not for your sinuses.

Strangely, the suspected culprit of mom’s delusional (“altered” in EMT-speak) state wasn’t the heavy narcotics she was taking for back pain. The thinking is that she was severely dehydrated. And her blood was dangerously thin . . . enough so that she could have an aneurysm or other hemorrhage-related incident. Results are still coming in.

This idea will either be genius (though likely not original) or irretrievably stupid (or “daft” for those across the pond). I thought it would be really cool to pay tribute to the March Madness “bracket” phenomenon by creating a “tournament” (or series of tournaments) to get to the bottom (very bottom) of the quandary of Who’s the Best of the Best™. I was going to introduce this concept yesterday (see above) and start it today, but we’re just gonna dispense with hype and jump right in, mkay?

I, along with my selection committee (the Girls and Mr. ADD), have come up with 16 bands/performers from the 80s. They have been seeded and are ready for action. So, here’s the deal. For the first round of the “tournament,” I will post two pairs of bands each day. You, the Internet, will be charged with picking the winners by voting. A simple vote (just typing the band’s name into the comments) will result in one vote. But choosing a band AND telling me why that band is better / more representative of the 80s (or whatever criteria you want to use to choose a "winner") will garner two votes. The voting is open until noon the following day, when the next pair of matchups will be posted.

Voting can be done through the comments or by e-mail. I cannot vote, except to break a tie (making me the Dick Cheney of this Madness).

First up?

1. Duran Duran vs. Devo

2. Thompson Twins vs. Flock of Seagulls