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Thursday, March 24, 2005
Kamikaze Thursday: The “It’s Raining Lawsuits (and Segues)” Edition
For those of you who have been following and/or care about the saga of my mother’s health, she has now been moved to a physical-rehabilitation / “skilled nursing” facility. The good news is her back seems to be healing, she’s eating more regularly, her blood thickness is back to normal, she’s no longer hallucinating-ly dehydrated, and her (second) bladder infection is clearing up. We went through a bad period over the weekend because she slipped into some sort of paranoid / delusional sub-personality that prompted a psych consult, but that’s mostly been alleviated by getting out of the hospital, where she seems to think she received less-than-sympathetic care.


Speaking of sympathy . . . show of hands: Who feels sorry for Barry Bonds? Who thinks he’s being unfairly dogged by the media? Anyone?


Speaking of the media, anyone heard about what’s happening to the poor woman in Florida who’s in a vegetative state? Y’know, her husband wants to kill her, and all the benevolent, altruistic politicians are trying to save her . . . including the Governor of Florida and the President of the UNITED STATES? Jesus.

I’m really touched that Tom DeLay can find time in his harrowing schedule to elevate the discourse on the Culture of Life with all of his legal problems; I’m sure his buddies in the House will help him out, though. Again.

This whole thing makes me sick. Really. I don’t know where I stand on the issue, but it’s good that the politicians know where they stand. Culture of Life, my (motherfucking) ass.


Speaking of ass (and fucking), Mark* forwarded me a link to this website that it seems I remember hearing about because of the Miss Vermont scandal, although I’d never read it. Whoa. This guy is dirty and sleazy and godawful in so many ways, but I’ll be damned if his stories aren’t very entertaining. In a dirty, sleazy, godawful way.

* I am not implying, in any way, that Mark fucks asses. In fact, I have to admit that the very first story I read on the site was “Tucker tries buttsex; hilarity does not insue.” And I can’t warn you enough that this probably isn’t the best place to start your exploration of Tucker Max.