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Monday, March 28, 2005
It’s All in (or ON) Your Head
There’s nothing quite like a good, juicy lice scare to ruin someone’s Easter. Fortunately for us, our child (and her parents) have seemingly escaped the daycare’s louse outbreak, but not everyone was so lucky. Kind-of put a damper on the “family” festivities. That and me winning everyone’s money (again). And if this keeps up, they’ll stop inviting me to play.

And what about the tornado watches and warnings? Seriously, Tallahassee spent a good chunk of the weekend under Department of Homeland Security-esque warnings that varied between those of the severe-thunderstorm and tornado varieties. There was a moment Saturday night when we actually contemplated waking Mia up and hiding in the bathroom when the Weather Channel guy was telling us, “If you live in the Tallahassee area, take cover.” It turned out to be a “Doppler-indicated tornado.” Because the world didn’t sound like it was falling apart like it did several years back when I experienced a real tornado (that I didn’t know was there at the time), I figured we were safe. And it was all over in a few minutes.

Oh, and basketball was exciting, wasn’t it? Unfortunately, I can only win the pool outright if Louisville goes all the way. Which is probably a lot like Urkel going “all the way.” Or Paris Hilton not going all the way.

Back to the 80s
I know everyone was hoping this would die but, alas, it must go on. Let it not be said that I don’t finish anything.

Round Two begins with the “men’s” bracket:

Duran Duran vs. Thompson Twins

Human League vs. Adam Ant

Vote for your favorites. Defending your choice(s) results in more points (not for you, but for the bands).