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Tuesday, March 22, 2005
The Elite Eight(ies)
When I left work earlier, there were seven (only seven? what happened to 23?) comments from people voting for the best 80s band. At that time, depending on how you tallied the votes, the Go-Go's and Eurythmics were either tied, or Belinda and the gals were up by one. In a tiebreaker, I'd pick the Go-Go's, but the whole point was made moot when Snowy stepped in, leaving a comment/vote for the Go-Go's. So, y'know . . . bye-bye, Ms. Lennox.

In the other matchup, Blondie trounced The Motels, which makes me a little sad. Still, Blondie's not a bad choice. Like, perhaps Heaven 17. Jesus.

So, now the sun sets on the opening round of the tournament and the crowds are getting smaller. Interest is waning. Or is it? I'll let that thought ferment for a day or two before we start the next round. In the meantime, I'll return to more traditional posting. I feel an intimate, "why-I'm-doing-this-type confessional coming on. They're all the rage, don't you think?