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Monday, March 07, 2005
I can hardly remember the life I had before I watched Finding Nemo for the first time. And the tens of times Mia has made us watch it since. This is serving to highlight the need to get more movies for our daughter to watch. Ones with actual plots where characters are developed and things happen, unlike the video library we have now where disembodied hands play with baby toys and toddlers and their millionaire baby sisters frolic to classical music.

The funny thing is that the copy of Finding Nemo isn’t even ours. It’s my mom’s. The only “movie” we own is a 50-minute Miss Spider video that was previously Mia's television-related obsession. It tells a story, and Mia loves it, too. I’m sensing a theme. A mission.

In other news, the weekend (and days leading up to it) was not eventful enough to ‘blog about . . . apparently. There must’ve been a half-dozen times I thought, “Funny, I should write about that.” And then wrote nothing. Not about the continued adventures of my mom’s convalescence, or my father quitting smoking (that was quite a shock), or the bully toddlers at Tallahassee’s newest mega-playground, or finally winning some money at poker, or my band’s late and woefully under-attended show Saturday night. Not even about last night’s episode of Deadwood.

But I will say this about my new haircut: It makes me look a lot like I did in eighth grade (cowlick and all), with the look of glazed-over innocence and optimism replaced with a goatee. And straighter teeth.