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Thursday, February 03, 2005
Look, I Don’t Have a Political Blog Yet, Okay? Where the Fuck Am I Supposed to Post this Shit, The Internet? Tell Me!
I’ve been a good patriot / snarky prick for the past few (dark) years, making sure that I watch every State of the Union address . . . hanging on every jumbled and/or mispronounced word that falls out of our fearless leader’s mouth. Maybe there’ll be a hidden pearl of wisdom? Or some infinitely (mis)quotable line that I can torture my Republican mother with?

But this year (last night), we had band practice. And I’m not sure how much I really wanted to listen to the SOTU anyway. I actually walked in the door around 10, when Bush was a few minutes (apparently) from wrapping up. Watching the talking heads afterward, I gathered I’d missed some interesting stuff. Democrats booing? Mothers hugging? Bush not really providing a detailed plan for saving Social Security, but rather a shotgun blast of several proposals that were “on the table?”

I did get a chance, however, to watch / listen to (as I was putting on my bedclothes) the Democrats’ response.

Some thoughts, in a handy, easily digested list:
-- Actually this isn’t MY thought . . . it’s from Wonkette: "9:26 Love how he's warning us that all those options he read are painful. Didn't bother with that about Iraq. So, to summarize. Social Security reform: painful. Iraq: They will greet us with flowers. So imagine JUST HOW BAD SOCIAL SECURITY REFORM WILL BE."

-- Listening to Reid and Pelosi, I feel like they’re trying to sell me paper towels. That’s what the Democratic Party has been reduced to . . . the quicker picker-upper? Seriously, give us a fucking plan for things you’re going to do! The partisan bickering of “Democrats good, Republicans bad” ain’t cuttin’ it anymore. Look, I don’t like the fact that Republicans control every facet of the Federal Government, either, but you have to work with them or work against them (i.e., come up with something better). The key being "work." Just repeating all the great things the Democrats are gonna do, or things the Democrats stand for, is stupid. It’s rhetoric to the nth degree. End it!

-- When is hammering Bush on Iraq gonna get old? When we realize that democracy is finally taking hold and things just might be okay, or when the whole country implodes in a Shia-fueled fury?

-- Ron Reagan is cool an’ all, but (speaking of repeating things over and over) we didn’t need him suggesting three times inside of five minutes that the Iraqi woman and American-mother-of-a-dead-soldier hugging could have been staged. Once gets the point across. Twice is probably too much. But three times is whining.

-- Brian Williams is trying too hard to not express an opinion.

Look, we’re all in this together. So let’s suck it up! Are the Democratic senators and representatives going to suddenly (finally) wake up and realize that their job isn’t to bitch about their Republican counterparts and say “no” to every proposed initiative? Fine, Social Security isn’t in a tailspin yet, but it will be . . . and long before people my age are old enough to collect. Someone needs to do something to fix it . . . eventually. Why not now?

Just because the Republicans—or, God forbid, the president—comes up with something doesn’t automatically mean that it’s bad and/or dangerous. When the incoming Bush Administration took a poop on all the great work Clinton had done, what did you do? Now, how is what you’re doing now different from that?