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Tuesday, February 22, 2005
I’m Not Mad at You, Tony. Really.
Funny story. Somehow, my ‘blog (along with a few others*) made the front page of the local paper. The Tallahassee Democrat did a local-slant story on the blogging phenomenon, and my ‘blog was one of those featured. There were quotes from a few of the other featured bloggers, but not me. Why, you ask?

Because my Hotmail account junked the initial request for an interview!

Ooops. Likely, I wouldn’t have handed over my real name, even though the wife and I have fairly compelling evidence that her parents are already onto us**. But my parents aren’t (yet), nor are my co-workers (except for my boss, who I’m pretty sure knows [Hi, Ecuador]).

Anyway, I e-mailed Tony and let him know I never got his initial e-mail requesting an interview. That was yesterday. Before I knew what he wanted to interview me for. I hadn’t even checked my e-mail this morning when Michelle called to say my ‘blog was on the front page of the paper. My boss’ boss happened to be in the office at the time, so I couldn’t check the on-line version of the paper. I was literally breaking out in a sweat, hands shaking.

Christ. Where do I go from here? I guess I need to reassess the ol’ quality-control standards. Think about who (else) I might be offending. Should I write about work? (No.) Should I write about interactions with family? (No. And I’m sure they’ll confirm that later today.) Should I feel bad about the NASCAR comment yesterday? (No. And I don’t.)

* Other featured local ‘blogs: 1,000 Words from Iraq, Brad Simpson, Rob Rem and, with the best name of all, Jewkakke.

** That’s what all the strange let’s-all-hold-hands-for-the-love-of-blogging posting was about. And Michelle’s “spill” post. Now the jig really is up. All the IP-address evidence pales in comparison to being on the front page of the paper.