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Tuesday, January 25, 2005
When I’m Not Visiting Your Sites, Rest Assured That I’m Up to No Good*
So here’s the deal. Our computer is back-to-life enough that I can rip songs and burn CDs, and I did just that. (Not-so-) Coincidentally, so did Michelle. The first five people** who express an interest in getting a copy will get a copy.

But . . . before you rush off to click the comments or e-mail me (yeah, right), you should know that it’s not a CD of Dave Matthews songs, or Rod Stewart’s greatest hits. It’s a very “me” mix, with lots of indie rock and/or obscure “major label” bands, running the gamut of femme punk to post-punk to post-rock to goth torch-ballad to bordering-on-offensive British guitar rock to new wave and back to femme punk***. And heartfelt, sensitive-male naval gazing. And aggressive female acoustic stuff about drinking and doing drugs. And The Pixies.

Okay, there’s the disclaimer. GO!

* Real content . . . sometime later.

** Oh, the “small print”: I’d like to make sure that at least two of these find their way into the hands of people who’ve never received a KL mix. Compound that with the fact that one or two of these five are likely spoken for. But, hey, guarantee that one of them will show up in YOUR mailbox. Comment first, comment often.

*** I'm really not a militant lesbian. Really.