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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Some Like it Hot
Several of you might like spicy ethnic food. I know I do.

You know the routine: You go to your favorite Indian / Thai restaurant and, when you place your order, they ask you how hot you want it (mild, medium, or hot). Well, what happens when they don’t ask you that?

Tallahassee isn’t exactly an ethnic-dining Mecca, but we have our share of Indian restaurants (two, I think) and Thai restaurants (also two). Anyway, my friends and I have been to them all. Michelle and I met at one of the Thai places for lunch today. We’ve been there a few times, so I was surprised when I ordered my green curry, armed with my nouveau-specific “medium plus” designation, and the guy didn’t ask how hot I wanted it. I think he was new.

Most of the time, there’s not a lot of consistency with food “hot-ness” in these restaurants. Mild and medium are often interchangeable, and hot could be just right . . . or could put you in the hospital. It varies night to night, and place to place. So, apparently, when they don’t ask how you'd like it, they make it "hot." Because my curry was spicy. I really liked it, but I’m afraid a lot of people would’ve been unhappy.

The moral of the story: We may need consistency with regard to spicy food. Is Bush appointing a Spicy Ethnic Food Czar? And would the Senate confirm him or her? Maybe Governor Bush could appoint one here in Florida?