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Tuesday, January 18, 2005
Can’t We at Least be Friends?
I’m a little bummed because I heard (through the proverbial grapevine) that some of my politically motivated friends aren’t motivated enough to work on my politically motivated weblog project. Which is sad. For me. Not them, you, or the soon to be re-crowned “president.”

To balance things out, though, I have on my good-karma floaties. Here’s the stuff that's been keeping me afloat:
-- After watching Supernanny last night with Michelle, I realized that we’re not really bad parents. (That, and I’m getting a vasectomy if I have to perform that motherfucker myself.)

-- The Steelers advanced to the AFC championship game.

-- After about eight tries, I finally beat Michelle at Scrabble.

But wait! To balance out my balancing out, of course there’s a flipside (or three):
-- Apparently, we have nothing better to do with our time than watch Supernanny.

-- The Steelers have to play the Patriots. Again.

-- Michelle was really mad when I beat her.

I celebrated MLK Day with my daughter, whose daycare was closed (we had to work, as Michelle works for attorneys and I work at a company based in California). But it was a fun day, watching Mia play with her cousin, poop and pee in one potty sitting (first time for that), and get assaulted by my friend's frisky poodle (Chewie).