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Friday, January 28, 2005
Back from the Dead
Thanks to my Indian friend (skilled in the art of Technonecromancy), our computer has been brought back to life.

It was a comedy of errors, really. It started with me unable to find the driver for the ethernet card I thought was installed on my computer. Upon taking the computer apart, my friend noticed that the Dell Dimension 2350 has a built-in network adapter, and we just needed to find the driver on my reinstall disc. Which we did. Then the problem was getting the ethernet connection to work so that I could complete my Comcast account (re)setup. Which I did. So now, we’re set for 24/7 updating.

Y’know . . . as long as we can stay awake and/or remain focused. Or as long as our ethernet connection will stay connected. ‘Cuz it’s buggin’.


As it turns out, I’ll be doing more than five mix CDs . . . like, eight. Maybe nine. We’ll see what kind of mood I’m in as I’m burning them. Next week.


I was at the grocery store yesterday, and I noticed the cover of J-14 Magazine . . . for teens. Besides all the promises of teen kissy-face action, there was something about “why Jojo can’t hook up.” And Jojo looks to be a teenage girl. Anyone else think that’s a little disturbing? I mean, maybe I thought that 14 seemed like a young age to be “hooking up,” but then I reflect back to ninth and tenth grades. I guess I’m just old . . . er. Older.