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Friday, December 10, 2004
Raj Rhymes with Sabotage
I think NBC is going to do everything in their power to make sure that The Donald hiring what’s-his-name (yeah, Kelly) doesn’t appear to be a foregone conclusion. The guy is obviously the most capable and professional. Enter Raj. Is he going to torpedo Kelly (a la Omarosa in Season One)? And what about that pesky rain on the polo field? Of course, Jen has her own problems . . . and not all of the inherent to her character. You know Chris Webber didn’t back out of the event; NBC is dropping a fuck-bomb on Team Jen. Ouch.

And if education is always going to “trump” non-college-grad entrepreneurs (even the spunky ones), why have those people on the show? Sandy got a lot further than I’d have predicted but, in the end, she was fucked for not having 15 degrees from prestigious schools, or not being a lawyer. In the boardroom, Jen kept crowing about moving to San Francisco to practice law “in a very competitive market.” Sandy owns two businesses, which she started with no higher education. No business degree. You can throw a rock and hit a lawyer (and a homosexual . . . with the same rock!) in San Francisco, right? What’s special about that?


A gentle reminder (to my liver, my stomach, and my pride): Tomorrow night is Michelle’s office Christmas dinner. I’m very sorry for what I did to the three of you last year. It won’t happen again.

When I stopped by her office for the weekly Mia visit (for the office, not Michelle), I heard mention of a “Scott Rule” that has come about after my full collapse last year. Something about a drink limit . . . maybe? Apparently, it was a problem that I couldn’t keep my head off the table.

This year, it’s beer all the way. Because beer doesn’t sneak up on you like wine does. Wine may be classy, but wine could have me kneeling on the cold, hard tile. (To throw up, smartasses.)


You’ve probably heard that it’s my honey’s birthday tomorrow. Stop by and leave her some well-wishes.