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Wednesday, December 29, 2004
Hey, at Least I Don’t Have Strep Throat (*Knocking on Wood*)
Thanks for everyone’s concern about my stress levels and/or homicidal tendencies. The Holidays are going swimmingly . . . if by “swimmingly” we mean that my job is expecting me to perform report-production miracles with my daughter out of daycare, my wife unable to help watch her much, and extra family in town. Actually, they’re not being quite as demanding as I’d expected.

Here’s a list of facts that will help illuminate the goings-on of the past few days:

-- Approximately 95% of my Christmas gifts (received) were either CDs, DVDs, graphic novels, or guitar-effect pedals.

-- For the fourth year running, dad’s Christmas egg rolls still seem like a great idea.

-- Cream cheese doesn’t really belong in any pumpkin pie recipe.

-- When it comes to bringing wine or champagne to dinner, often quantity is better than quality. And for that, there is Ballatore.

-- It’s really hard to entertain a 2-year-old at the office. Unless you have special help from receptionists with popcorn or CADD designers with “sickees.”*

* suckers, or lollipops