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Thursday, December 30, 2004
Happy New Year, Corn-Holes!
Technology (or the lack thereof) is preventing me from posting from home*. And the combo of work and a toddler daughter is preventing me from posting (much) from the office. There is a lot of excitement planned for the weekend, though, but you’ll have to trust me on that. As for the ol’ weblog . . . well, there are some upcoming items, like a Best of 2004 retrospective, a probing and much-circulated questionnaire meme from k, and resolutions.

And on the topic of resolutions, what are your sure-to-be-broken promises for 2005? Leave ‘em in the comments . . . if you dare.

* Re-animating our home computer is a work-in-progress. Comcast is supposedly sending us a disk for re-installing our network and modem drivers. We also need to re-install, like, everything on our computer, too. So, yeah, the Comcast thing is just a small piece in a much bigger, cluster-fucked puzzle.