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Thursday, December 02, 2004
The Five-Year Plan?
I recently crossed the five-year threshold at my current job. Not so coincidentally, my wife reached the same milestone at her current job.

I now realize that this is the longest I’ve ever worked at one place. (Three years at McDonald’s, four years at the video store, a little over a year at the Office of the Auditor General, two and a half years in the HMO communications department, and now five years here.) What do I get for this? Well, tradition holds that I will receive a nice leather jacket (with my company’s logo). That’s pretty cool and all, but I was actually more excited a year ago when I started earning three weeks of vacation. (At ten years, you get a $1,000 cash bonus and start earning four weeks of vacation.)

In other news, it was 39 degrees this morning and I refused to wear a jacket. I mean, I’m inside all day . . . why bother lugging around a jacket when I leave work at it’s in the 50s. Call it a lack-of-Real-Winter protest from someone who lives in Florida.