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Monday, December 20, 2004
Bird Shot(gun)
My planning and follow-through continue to fall apart.

Every year, I start the Christmas (shopping) season by printing out our spending budget, so we know (theoretically, of course) how much we're going to spend, and on whom. Then we start the buying.

And every year, there comes that moment when time is running out and there are still several names that have not been checked off, crossed off, or totaled. It's the "bird shot" moment, when I just start buying things and assigning them to people (and you probably don't wanna be one of those people . . . unless you drink, because liquor gift sets make great "bird shot" gifts).*

I don't think we're there yet, but we might be in a day or two. I squandered my lunchbreak today, and with all the various band-related activities (two bands) and subsequent shared childcare duties, it doesn't seem like there will be much time to shop in the evenings. I can tell that Friday is gonna be a "bird shot" day.

* Target is really popular, also, in these instances. Seriously, there was one year where I went to Target four or five times in the two days before Christmas (it's a couple miles from our house) and bought a significant portion of my gifts. In a fit of hip-discount-store panic.